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What is the greatest music album of all time? If you ask a hundred different people to name the best album of all time, the chances are that you will not get a unanimous answer!

This web site's purpose is to achieve a means of establishing the greatest music albums of all time by using legitimate critical sources and calculating a ranking based on the rank and number of times an album has appeared in a 'greatest album' chart and then ranking the albums according to their aggregate performance.

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What album are you listening to right now? (Forum: Music)
" Chemical Chords by Stereolab..."
From LittleM1971 on 1 hour ago
Album of the day (#2991): Last Splash by The Breed... (Forum: Music)
"One of the more original indie albums of the 90's. And Cannonball is iconic. Meaty bassline. Remind ..."
From Stover75 on 2 hours ago
Album of the day (#2990): Horses by Patti Smith (Forum: Music)
"This is an awesome album. I read an interview with Morrissey that said one night in the 70's him and..."
From Stover75 on 2 hours ago

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All Love's Legal by Planningtorock ( 2 comments)
"Literally the worst album I've ever heard in my entire life. The production is incredibly boring and..."
From PrettyFly4ABiGuy on 19 hours ago
Jordan: The Comeback by Prefab Sprout ( 4 comments)
"It's highly unadvised anyone make an album 60+ minutes long unless it's this fuckin bangin..."
From hitch on 19 hours ago
Systematic Chaos by Dream Theater ( 3 comments)
"Underrated record and the last Dream Theater album (so far..) that I would recommend from beginning ..."
From AAL2014 on 19 hours ago
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Crush On Me by Sir Babygirl
From craola on 18 minutes ago
Sunshine Rock by Bob Mould
From JAP12345 on 20 minutes ago
Animals by Pink Floyd
From hombrejingle on 22 minutes ago
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