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A Light For Attracting Attention by The Smile is ranked 5th in the best albums of 2022 (Released: 2022-05-13).
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On this day, 15 years ago, Kala by M.I.A. was released. Kala is ranked 16th in 2007, 137th in the 2000s and 856th in the overall rankings. The top rated track on this album is Paper Planes. This album is ranked first out of albums by M.I.A..
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90125 by Yes ( 17 comments)
"Unfairly rated by the prog diehards. On this album, Yes successfully made the transition to more rad..."
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90125 by Yes
From MetaKoopa99 on 29 minutes ago
Magic: The Very Best Of Olivia-Newton John by Olivia Newton-John
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The Black Album by Jay-Z
From lvnchbox on 1 hour ago
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