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Cyr by The Smashing Pumpkins is ranked 298th in the best albums of 2020 (Released: 2020-11-27).
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On this day, 14 years ago, Hell Hath No Fury by Clipse was released. Hell Hath No Fury is ranked 38th in 2006, 373rd in the 2000s and 2,090th in the overall rankings. This album is ranked first out of albums by Clipse.
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What album are you listening to right now? (Forum: Music)
"Thumbnail. Click to enlarge. Trip Thru Hell by C.A. Quintet..."
From salahshoori on 1 hour ago
Chart of the day (#3322): By Jbalbinolr (Forum: Music)
"Definitely a list worth exploring!..."
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"this is the highest ranked album on RYM and (maybe) BEA that I have never given enough of a close li..."
From Mercury on 9 hours ago
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Trip Thru Hell by C.A. Quintet ( 2 comments)
"The name seems kinda irrelevant, it's a trip thru something but that ain't hell. It's trippy as hell..."
From salahshoori on 3 hours ago
Synchronicity by The Police ( 65 comments)
"A stack of top-tier tracks hampered only by a couple of significant question marks. 85/100..."
From planetneutral on 3 hours ago
The Glow Pt. 2 by The Microphones ( 51 comments)
"I’m so grateful this album exists. I stumbled upon this album digging though the Olympia scene. A ..."
From areminder on 3 hours ago
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High As Hope by Florence + The Machine
From Purplepash on 15 minutes ago
Trip Thru Hell by C.A. Quintet
From salahshoori on 37 minutes ago
The Speed Of Now, Part 1 by Keith Urban
From ASOARE on 53 minutes ago
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