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Circles by Mac Miller is ranked 1st in the best albums of 2020 (Released: 2020-01-17).
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On this day, 15 years ago, I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning by Bright Eyes was released. I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning is ranked 6th in 2005, 59th in the 2000s and 346th in the overall rankings. This album is ranked 1st out of albums by Bright Eyes.
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The Joshua Tree by U2 ( 205 comments)
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Feeler by Pete Murray ( 3 comments)
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Colour The Small One by Sia ( 3 comments)
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W Związku Z Samotnością by Łzy
From jeremy9 on 13 minutes ago
The Joshua Tree by U2
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Through The Ashes Of Empires by Machine Head
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January 2020 site update
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Since the last site update, several new features have been introduced including newer image formats for album art (to make pages smaller to download, particularly beneficial for mobile users), and also fixed the issue that some people were experiencing with regular logouts (apologies for the inconvenience while that was happening).

There was an algorithm change at the start of 2020 which seems to have settled in fairly well. Spotify playlists have been added for all years going back to 1970, and decade charts back to the 1950s (more will follow). CSV exports have been enhanced with the album and artist now in separate columns and the addition of the unique ID. BEA also now allows the downloading of other people's ratings (since these are public anyway). A lot more stuff is in the pipeline, and sorry if everything can't be done straight away. It all takes more time than you can imagine.

Enjoy the site & more soon.


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