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Spiral by Darkside is ranked 71st in the best albums of 2021 (Released: 2021-07-23).
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On this day, 4 years ago, Everything Now by Arcade Fire was released. Everything Now is ranked 27th in 2017, 288th in the 2010s and 1,769th in the overall rankings. The top rated track on this album is Everything Now. This album is ranked fifth out of albums by Arcade Fire.
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It Was Written by Nas ( 5 comments)
"Criminally underrated...."
From AmazingMrWonka on 28 hours ago
Oh, Inverted World by The Shins ( 30 comments)
"Nice lo-fi sound the band never really returned to, with some all-time classic songs. The Shins' be..."
From indieshins on 28 hours ago
Rodeo by Travis Scott ( 15 comments)
"Great album. First time I listened to a Travis Scott album and I was amazed by a lot of the songs. E..."
From NickD89 on 28 hours ago
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Solitude by Billie Holiday
From ejiniestac on 13 minutes ago
The Boss Of The Blues Sings Kansas City Jazz by Big Joe Turner
From ejiniestac on 14 minutes ago
That Bad Eartha by Eartha Kitt
From ejiniestac on 14 minutes ago
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