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Drunk Tank Pink by Shame is ranked 2nd in the best albums of 2021 (Released: 2021-01-15).
Album anniversary
On this day, 9 years ago, The Lion's Roar by First Aid Kit was released. The Lion's Roar is ranked 37th in 2012, 347th in the 2010s and 2,100th in the overall rankings. This album is ranked first out of albums by First Aid Kit.
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Pinkerton by Weezer ( 134 comments)
"Avoiding the sophomore slump, Weezer kills it with this album. It's the perfect combination of power..."
From jtdaggen71 on 23 hours ago
Anthology by The Temptations ( 3 comments)
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A Trick Of The Tail by Genesis ( 34 comments)
"The underrated masterpiece of Genesis. Perfect balance between Gabriel's era and Collins' era...."
From MultiDMT on 23 hours ago
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Richard D. James Album by Aphex Twin
From PapaShiz86 on 4 minutes ago
Stands For Decibels by The dB's
From ghosttomost on 6 minutes ago
Welfare Jazz by Viagra Boys
From ghosttomost on 6 minutes ago
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January 2021 site update
From albummaster on Sunday 3 January 2021
Happy 2021 to everybody. A site update was released last week which added several changes to the site. Added the ability to filter artist discographies in the same way as charts (e.g. filter an artist's live, compilation albums etc). Chart editor suggestions now filter out any previously selected albums. Recognised charts are now sorted by name underneath year/decade charts so you can more easily see the other external 2020 charts that have been added to the site. An issue was also fixed with CSV downloads where quoted comments could cause some columns to become skewed.

In the admin section of the site, background flags have been added to stop the site nagging for data where an artist's nationality or membership can't be determined. BEA now also allows the editing of imminent future dated releases (where the release date is within a couple of days). BEA has also added the ability to flag soundtrack albums (more functionality will be added to support this in a future release when more data has been added).

There are lots more changes in the pipeline, so enjoy the site and more soon.


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