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The Three E.P.'s (album) by The Beta Band 

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The Three E.P.'s
The Three E.P.'s by The Beta Band (1998)
Overall rank: 1,036th   Overall chart history
Average Rating: 
75/100 (from 174 votes)
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Accolades: Top albums of 1998 (21st)
Top albums of the 1990s (225th)
Best albums of all time (1,036th)

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The Beta Band bestography

The Three E.P.'s is ranked as the best album by The Beta Band.

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-The Three E.P.'sHot Shots II

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The Three E.P.'s rankings

The Three E.P.'s ratings

Average Rating: 
75/100 (from 174 votes)
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The Three E.P.'s comments

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From cmoshier 11/03/2017 21:18
Best Tracks: Dry The Rain, B+A, Inner Meet Me
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From ButterThumbz 09/02/2016 12:05
A beautiful collection of ramshackled lullabies.
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From exileonthehell 10/25/2015 02:29
These guys are really huge, one hour twenty minutes I want to repeat forever
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From Paulpaps 08/17/2014 18:38
After The Fall, no other band has ever given me so many great songs. This "collection" is something every single person should hear.
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From JoaoMoreira 07/10/2013 02:46
These guys had something of their own.
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From jeremylannister 05/02/2013 21:22
some of my favourite EPs, coincidentally all three seem to work really well as an album.
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From junodog4 02/20/2013 00:32
It's interesting how 3 separate EPs flow together so well.
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From iamthewalrus 11/25/2011 01:03
It's sad that The Beta Band never got their full due. So underrated. Dry the Rain is such a great song.
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From hairymarx1 03/21/2011 23:43
Although the sound of the band has traces of Meat Puppets, Can and Pink Floyd, they nevertheless create a music that defines all categorization.

The first four songs on the album revealed the band's skills in merging the relaxed hedonism of acid-rock and the dehumanized shuffle of dance music. The opening 'Dry The Rain' provokes frigid hippie vibrations with its brand of roots-rock tainted by languid psychedelic Syd Barrett-ian indolence. The song reaches a crescendo of hypnotic orchestral arrangements and vocal harmonies.

'I Know' weaves softly strumming guitars into a delicate trance over a thick percussiive carpet. The third track 'B+A' takes this approach one step further by erasing the vocals, multiplying the guitars and drums to shoegazing levels, and stretching the melodies to become Tibetan drones. Track four, 'Dog's Got A Bone' is one of the albums many crowning achievements. This is a monumental colloquial ballad enlivened and spaced out by quirky noises and minimalist patterns of accompaniment.

The second sectionof the album opens with 'Inner Meet Me', a song characterized by surreal bleeps of synthesizer, followed by the rhythmic strumming of guitars which double into a vaguely exotic/tribal jamming studded with electronic hisses and stifled by subsonic vocals.

The wildly experimental 'The House Song' is a voodoo/techno trance beat with repetitive vocals, 'scratched' electronics and a wild assortment of dissonances added to the mix. The epic fifteen-minute 'Monolith', is the culmination of Beta Band's intense sound sculpting. This extraordinary work, veers decidedly towards world-music but combines it with an envelop of natural sounds, bizarre samples, organ and tribal drumming. The middle section closes with 'She's The One' which opens with a Laurie Anderson-style tongue twister and ends with one of the most powerful percussive base lines and guitar-led, organ gospel/jazz orgies in the entire history of rock.

The third and final section of the album sounds like a retreat. The exotic psalm and martial pace of 'Push It Out' creates a magnetic atmosphere of gothic suspense and religious abandon. 'It's Over' marks a return to the simple, low-key ballad, whilst the vocal harmonies of 'Dr Baker' approaches the intensity of an acappella gregorian chant, until a devastating break of guitars unchains a piano carillon that bestows on the song a fairy-tale quality of exceptional brilliance. The album ends with the organ-driven psychedelic trance of 'Needles In My Eyes'.

'The Three Eps' is not only the best album release of its year, but is arguably one of the finest recordings in the history of rock music. The album bursts with creativity, vibrancy and inventiveness, pushing the boundaries of rock music to new levels.
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