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Sunshine Superman (album) by Donovan 

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Sunshine Superman
Sunshine Superman by Donovan (1966)
Overall rank: 2,060th   Overall chart history
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77/100 (from 161 votes)
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Accolades: Top albums of 1966 (23rd)
Top albums of the 1960s (181st)
Best albums of all time (2,060th)

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Donovan bestography

Sunshine Superman is ranked as the best album by Donovan.

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-Sunshine SupermanA Gift From A Flower To A Garden

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Sunshine Superman rankings

Sunshine Superman ratings

Average Rating: 
77/100 (from 161 votes)
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From Sandrof1969 02/14/2018 17:17
Per me Donovan รจ la quintessenza della musica ( e della cultura ) hippie, nel bene e nel male...
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From planetneutral 01/10/2018 02:20
More sitar than I was expecting (which is apparently one of the innovative things about this album), but an undeniable collection of songs and groovy sounds.
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From Mercury 10/19/2017 20:39
Here's a strange albums, such a quick turn around from his previous work! He went from just very straight-forward folkie songs on his first couple records to this...this psychedelic, strange, sort of kaleidoscopic album. It's considered a classic now, but I imagine it blew people's mind back in '66.

I really enjoy this, the opener is a classic and very nicely dated to those early attempts at psychedelic music. and the strange experimentation doesn't stop there. The second track "Legend of a Girl Child Linda" is another trippy, off kilter track about strange fantasy-laced images of the main protagonist, the strings come in beautifully, Donovan's vocal delivery is excellent slow and stretched and mesmerizing. The whole song is a 7 minute experimental epic, which totally re-imagines the folk sound mixing in elements of chamber-folk and pop and psychedelic aspects, etc. It's really quite awesome and unique.

Other standouts are the very cool indeed blues jam "Season of The Witch" (interesting that Donovan actually does sound cool as hell here. His persona has always been one of anti-coolness for me...probably because of Dont Look Back film...), and the cool reference to Mr. Bert Jansch "Bert's Blues". "Bert's Blues" is just a groovy low key track with its loping feel and all that cool stuff. And apparently per Donovan its about a romantic triangle he was in the middle of with his good friend Bert Jansch and Beverly Marten).

Grade: 7.9/10
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From whd3 03/15/2017 04:41
One of the best Psychedelic albums ever. Not in the crazy, freek-out, Led Zephlin kinda way, but the tasteful use of unusual and exhotic instruments (satir, tabla, strings, harpsichord and ?) creating an unusual, intricate and welcoming audio environment. You can almost smell the incense and feel the candle lite soft light. The content/stories in the songs are surreal, like a dream, a stoned adventure... without being Daliesque-ridiculous. "Trip-like adventures" in The Trip, name checking The (basically unknown)Jefferson
Airplane, Dylan, Joan Baez, The Reality Company (a head shop, I think, in Haight Ashbury). (And Translove Airways may have have some connection with The MC-5.) The kind of trip adventure where your friend, The Driver, might actually smile and say, "Beep, beep," just to "blow your mind." And Fat Angle, being Cass (of the Mamas and Papas); you can hear Donovan wispering "Cass" as the song fades out. Other songs celebrating the innocence of children-- Flower Children were playful, innocent and not yet burned out (or strung out) in 1966. Playful rides, The Ferris Wheels, an other kind of trip. And a playful adventure when stoned or tripping. Of course Sunshine Superman, "Coulda tripped out easy, but I've changed my ways." Name checking super heroes. Season of the Witch, bad trip?? Suspicious people "looking back at me." Beatniks selling out. What a stellar album.
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From garycottier 05/29/2016 16:03
A superb album, a classic of the time that still sounds fantastic today. Donovan is at his peak here, especially on the sublime title track, one of the great songs of the sixties in a decade that is full of amazing tunes. Still, there are plenty of other treasures to discover here. Ferris wheel, season of the witch, and, legend of a girl child Linda, are all great, as well as, superlungs, which is a bonus track on the CD. In a decade that had The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dylan, and, Hendrix, it's understandable that some acts may get slightly forgotten, Donovan, is one of them. Do yourself a favour if you don't own this LP, Sunshine superman, is a great record, a classic.
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From Ih8uFL 04/22/2016 18:57

I feel like I'm in another world, amazing album
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From Rovers 06/19/2012 21:26
"Sunshine Superman" was Donovan's first "Electric" album, first released in late 1966. Although producer's Micky Most has been givin much credit for creating Donovan's "new progressive" sound, there had actually been signs on his previous album "Fairytale", that he would be exploring new styles and sounds on forthcoming records. The great song and slightly jazzy "Sunny Goodge Street" would have fitted nicely into the concept of both "Sunshine Superman" and the follow-up album "Mellow Yellow"

When the album was released "Sunshine Superman" had already been a huge hit on the singles charts on both sides of the Atlantic; with its great bass intro hook. On many tracks though, Donovan's folk background still shines through. Some songs are still very folkish, featuring only Donovan and his acoustic guitar, but with additional classical instruments like woodwinds, violins and harpsichord.

Other songs are highly inspired by Indian music featuring both tabla and sitar. Among those the beautiful "Guinevere" and "Fat Angel" are clear favourites. On "Bert's Blues" Donovan combines elements from both jazz and and classical music, creating an almost avantgardish new fusion.

Quite outstanding is the classic "Season of the Witch", which has been covered by various other artists; Donovan at his heaviest! The majestic "Celeste", which closed the original album is another highlight.
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From 5thbeatle 05/10/2012 20:21
I just like 'Sunshine Supermen'
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