Miss Anthropocene (studio album) by Grimes

Miss Anthropocene by Grimes
Year: 2020
Release date: 2020-02-21
Overall rank: 2,826th   Overall chart historyOverall chart history
Average Rating: 
74/100 (from 296 votes)
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Award Top albums of 2020 (29th)
Award Top 100 albums of the 2020s (75th)
Award Best albums of all time (2,826th)

Grimes bestography

Miss Anthropocene is ranked 3rd best out of 7 albums by Grimes on BestEverAlbums.com.

The best album by Grimes is Art Angels which is ranked number 429 in the list of all-time albums with a total rank score of 4,305.

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VisionsMiss AnthropoceneHalfaxa

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Miss Anthropocene track list

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Rating: 75 (74 votes)Comments: 0
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Rating: 84 (96 votes)Comments: 0
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Miss Anthropocene rankings

Miss Anthropocene collection

Miss Anthropocene ratings

Average Rating: 
74/100 (from 296 votes)
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08/19/2023 16:33 lleon79  Ratings distributionRatings distribution 92280/100
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08/18/2023 16:24 skrapoel  Ratings distributionRatings distribution 2,06472/100
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07/20/2023 14:59 colabunga  Ratings distributionRatings distribution 27485/100
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05/26/2023 01:39 fotofowler  Ratings distributionRatings distribution 44982/100
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05/21/2023 14:26 CelticBhoy  Ratings distributionRatings distribution 70971/100

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This album is rated in the top 18% of all albums on BestEverAlbums.com. This album has a Bayesian average rating of 74.2/100, a mean average of 72.9/100, and a trimmed mean (excluding outliers) of 74.3/100. The standard deviation for this album is 15.1.

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Miss Anthropocene comments

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From 11/16/2022 19:49
Album Rating: 77.80

1.So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth (Art Mix). 87
2.Darkseid. 70
3.Delete Forever. 72
4.Violence (Feat. i_o). 91
5.4ÆM. 77
6.New Gods. 83
7.My Name Is Dark. 72
8.You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around. 72
9.Before The Fever. 83
10.IDORU. 71
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From 04/18/2021 21:34
It's really good and Grimes is pretty much untouchable at this point. I still prefer Art Angels and Visions but this is hardly a disappointment. It actually feels like a pretty natural progression from Visions but keeping the Art Angels depth and textures & some elements from the arrangement. Much more dark and distant than her other work although really darkness and distance has been a part of her work.

But whereas Art Angels you'd still feel pretty upbeat when she's singing about California treating her bad, on Miss Anthropocene the pop melodies are still there in songs like "My Name is Dark" but it's more of gasping for breathe in awe of the massive sound she can create in times, as opposed to ear candy.

In fact the sound is probably as "full" as any sound she's created. I still think Visions was crazy dense sounding given the sparse arrangement but compared to the relatively well-contained Visions, Miss Anthropocene is sprawling in and out of space and time.

She pushes the boundaries of pop in sometimes the most frustrating ways, because she balances songwriting and aesthetic so seamlessly that as the listener you think "oh there's a catchy hook" and then it's like "nope I was just setting you up for these few measures of texture" while still being clearly pop music but that's patently Grimes. It's hard to not appreciate her intent.

Look up "We Appreciate Power" off of the deluxe edition of this album. It's probably better than any individual song on this and possibly one of the best Grimes songs in her discography.
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From 12/03/2020 00:43
After not being a huge fan of Visions, I always think I don't like Grimes. But I've been so into her last two albums. I haven't listened to Art Angels in about four or five years, but this one might be my favorite of hers. Terrific album.
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From 10/23/2020 12:58
I'm a fan of Art Angels and Visions but this one has just left me cold. A couple of interesting moments but they're few and far between.
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From 07/22/2020 06:42
decent 7
Best: Delete Forever, 4AM, My Name Is Dark, Violence, New Gods, YMMWINA
Worst: IDORU
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From 06/09/2020 14:03
Honestly, I'm not impressed, I was waiting for the album to be over.
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From 04/13/2020 15:48
Nice sounding and ethereal. Enjoyable listen but nothing that blew me away.
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From 03/22/2020 09:58
Despite seemingly carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, MA feels like a smaller and more subdued album compared to Art Angels.

A late 90's state of mind is heavily noticeable, not only with the echoed-out breathy vocals and muffled-but-heavy guitars prevelant on the second half, but also in it's sense of hazy doom and resolutely poker-faced symbolism. While the first half may have the "hits", in many ways I prefer the more massaged-out "We Appreciate Power"-style second mainly because it feels more interconnected and she actually seems to be having some geniune fun with the songs as well. However, there's just no denying there's a sense of whiffed oppurtunity despite nearly all of the songs being consistently easy on the ears (though nothing I would call outstanding either- those waiting for a "Realiti", "Vanessa" or "Oblivion"-like game-changer are sure to be dissapointed), and a major suspicion that there's a key middle and penultimate track missing from the picture that would've given it a fuller and more cohesive sound overall. A few listens in I'm not much clearer on what's the overlying message here, other than humans continuously devouring the planet and themselves=BAD.

So, donno, can't really call this a misfire since there wasn't anything here I particularly disliked, but the final impact was pretty minimal to *ahem* say the least. Maybe there's a weirder version out there somewhere, or we'll just have to wait till next time when she can get a bit riskier- or clearer in what she's actually trying to achieve. This is fine for now, I guess.
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From 03/17/2020 09:35
This album makes Art Angels look like an outlier in her discography cuz this feels like a closer sonic successor to Visions. It pulls back on a lot of the bombast of Art Angels, for better or worse, but its not necessarily a decline in quality. But that also makes it easier to explore, fall in love with, and then eventually outgrow the initial rush. This is my opinion so far. I can stil listen to Art Angels any day and it sounds how it did that first month i listened to (and died over) it, but I feel like Miss_Anthropocene won't have the same longevity.
Its still a solid album throughout though. Grimes is a crazy person and I love it! It takes a crazy person to make fucking 4aem (my favourite off the album), Darkseid and My Name Is Dark.

Bottom line: A great piece of work. Art Angels remains untouched.
Helpful?  (Log in to vote) | +7 votes (8 helpful | 1 unhelpful)
From 03/13/2020 20:20
Love this album
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