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Humanz (album) by Gorillaz 

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Humanz by Gorillaz (2017)
Release date: 2017-04-28
Overall rank: 12,011th   Overall chart history
Average Rating: 
70/100 (from 157 votes)
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Accolades: Top 20 albums of 2017 (11th)
Top albums of the 2010s (1,829th)
Best albums of all time (12,011th)

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Gorillaz bestography

Humanz is ranked 5th best out of 8 albums by Gorillaz on BestEverAlbums.com.

The best album by Gorillaz is Demon Days which is ranked number 137 in the list of all-time albums with a total rank score of 16,239.

Gorillaz album bestography « Higher ranked (7,732nd) This album (12,011th) Lower ranked (12,241st) »
The FallHumanzD-Sides

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Humanz rankings

Humanz ratings

Average Rating: 
70/100 (from 157 votes)
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Humanz comments

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From Daydreamer 05/19/2017 13:49
Not nearly as dissapointing as some comments here made me expect. Surely not the best thing they did, but still lots of truly enjoyable songs.
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From DeusExMackia 05/17/2017 20:08
7 years was perhaps too long to wait for a new studio album and the hype seems to have overwhelmed it; Humanz is just not as good as I want it to be. Yet, there is so much good stuff on here, and you can tell just how much Albarn and Co tried to make this something special.

What pains me so much about this album is just how good the first 11 songs are. The new sound style they have going in is something else; unnerving, bright synths with dark undertones that help to convey the worried and warning lyrical content. The structure on this first section is also stellar; Ascension might be Gorillaz's best opening ever, and it flows and builds incredibly well up to the peak, Andromeda.

And some of the tracks here are fantastic - proper Gorillaz originals. Strobelight is groovy and bumbly; Saturnz Barz stood out the moment I first heard it and is delivered with and urban coolness that has been really well developed; Momentz is superbly creative and its follower, Submission is one of the band's best explorations in RnB ever. Charger is a little weak; it never quite gets there, but god that intro is awesome (plus, Grace Jone's voice. Stunning as always.)

And then, there is Andromeda. This feels like a classic masterpiece from the band. It hints to old Gorillaz songs with its dance beat and advanced sound, but is doused in the feel of the new album and is written brilliantly. Play it loud to experience it properly. Busted And Blue couldn't be in a better place, it compliments the energy of the previous track with its lonely emptiness.

So how does it all manage to just fall apart? It's all in the second half; it's too broken up and weak. Let Me Out is a great track, and Hallelujah Money is the political pop song we've been desperately needing. But the rest of it just doesn't work; it feels unfinished and messy. Sex Murder Party feels particularly weird - it just doesn't work. Carnival starts out well but can't keep it up after 30 seconds, and We Got The Power is a bit too happy-clappy for its own good.

The result is that it feels like an incomplete record. It's as though they got to track 11 and then didn't know how to finish it, so they just shoved everything else they had planned on to the end. It's such a shame, and however much I want to try and forgive it considering how strong the first half is, I can't.

Worse still, the interludes are really hit and miss. I Switched My Robot Off is very effective, and I love The Non-Conformist Oath, but the rest feel slapped on for the sake of trying to bring some form to the album. Apart from the two I mentioned, they simply don't work.

If there's one particular note of merit, it's the message of the album. The themes and topics covered in the songs on Humanz are thought provoking and essential, and it pushes the boundaries further than any other of their previous albums have dared to. Some will criticise the over politicised nature of some of the songs, particularly Let Me Out and Hallelujah Money, but frankly, we need music that talks about this and is not afraid to offend some people.

Humanz then is an album of two halves. The first is the album it should have been, the second lets the whole thing down. Hence, my rating is for those first 11 songs, and Hallelujah Money, it is a fantastic collection of songs and easily some of the best work Gorillaz have ever done. Maybe they just went too far in the end, and I hope in the years to come, we will be able to see the strengths of this album and praise it for the bits that really do deserve praise.
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From louisjwyatt 05/16/2017 16:46
I was pretty disappointed with the playlist they put out to hype this album, but I still had high hopes for the rest of the tracks. I mean, it is a Gorillaz album after all, not to mention all of the guest features that got me excited about this release.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album follows suit, and the result is a boring, meandering project. Much like the Flaming Lips' release this year, it's not bad, it just kind of starts and ends without having any impact whatsoever.
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From F1Aaron 05/09/2017 21:56
There were times I was easily tempted to stop listening to this and that is not a good sign. What's worse is that I'm struggling to find the right words to describe my disappointment and boredom of this album. Even the very few tracks that I like aren't able to make me listen to this again.
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From kc3 05/09/2017 02:03
Fun album, still an enjoyable listen. But certainly, a let down compared to what I had been expecting for a new installment from Gorillaz. Damon shows up very little throughout the album, making me forget that I'm even listening to a Gorillaz record. Most of the instrumentals feel forced, along with many of the features as well. The tracks don't have that same genuine genre fusion that made the previous albums so good. The album sounds like Damon forcing different sounds and voices to create a record that retains a mainstream sound. Not a bad record, still a fun listen and will get spun a few times this summer, but it will quickly burn away. Maybe next time huh Damon?
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From Sisterray24 05/05/2017 20:46
Considering the amount of soul singers on the album it lacked any sort of passion, we got the power sounded like a tacky John Lennon song at the stay in bed for peace thing, far too many features which added nothing to the song's only feature I particularly enjoyed was Vince staples' on ascension the rest of the album sounded as if Damon was trying overly hard to be relevant without regard for the actual gorillaz music
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From rlang36 05/04/2017 00:28
It's just not very good. Patchy, overlong and uncohesive
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From alexmetcalfe97 05/02/2017 12:47
This is a massive let down. It feels like Damon just threw a load of albeit talented artists together, without considering how well they would all fit in. The tracklist should easily end after Busted and Blue as it's very hard to find any good points in the second half of the record. I mean come on, Sex Murder Party? We Got The Power? Were these tracks even finished properly? The only highlights for me are Andromeda, Charger, Ascension and Saturnz Barz. It's not a bad album, but by the high standards Gorillaz have set and after such a long absence... very poor, it's like they were forced into it.
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From chamberlain89 04/29/2017 19:46
Definitely the weakest of their albums (I do not count "The Fall"). Even though it is the weakest, I do not think that it's a bad album. There are some really great highlights such as "Saturnz Barz", "Andromeda", "She's My Collar" and "Busted and Blue". I appreciate the fact that Damon took the back seat on a lot of these songs, however I do think that he needed more of a presence on this album to make it feel more like Gorillaz.
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From lleon79 04/29/2017 18:22
I liked it, but it could've been better. The singles hyped me up maybe a little too much and I must admit I feel dissapointed. At the end of the day, as many have stated before, the album's lack of Damon is felt a lot, but it's not that bad.

Humanz feels a little dragged out and I'll probably never listen it fully ever again. Oh, but at least it's better than "The Fall" and their debut (which to this day I don't like that much).

Best songs: "Ascension", "Strobelite", "Saturnz Barnz", "Andromeda", "Let Me Out"
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