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Simulation Theory (album) by Muse 

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Simulation Theory
Simulation Theory by Muse (2018)
Release date: 2018-11-09
Overall rank: 21,059th   Overall chart history
Average Rating: 
64/100 (from 50 votes)
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Accolades: Top albums of 2018 (106th)
Top albums of the 2010s (4,135th)
Best albums of all time (21,059th)

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Muse bestography

Simulation Theory is ranked 10th best out of 14 albums by Muse on BestEverAlbums.com.

The best album by Muse is Absolution which is ranked number 118 in the list of all-time albums with a total rank score of 20,904.

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Simulation Theory rankings

Simulation Theory ratings

Average Rating: 
64/100 (from 50 votes)
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Most of us can agree that this album is not bad by any means. I really agree with the guy that stated that the album's cover art suggested a shameless "we don't give a shit what you think, we'll do what we want" attitude, which is something I always root for regarding all music.

The singles suggested the complete opposite. Dig Down is a recycled version of Madness, with a lazier chorus. Thought Contagion is the guys saying "Hey Imagine Dragons are topping charts all the time, let's copy them a little bit." The Dark Side is the radio-friendly, early-album part of the Muse formula (like Mercy, Uprising, Starlight, etc). I understand the point of the guy saying that they seem to be ripping themselves off. Also, way too many damn SYNTH ARPEGGIOS!

However, the album does have its experimental appeal from time to time. Break it to Me might be my favorite track. Propaganda also shows this risk, and even though the track is not brilliant, I can respect that risk. Algorithm is also one of my favorites, a very strong starting point for the album.

I will always look forward to what Muse have to offer, but I do wish that they would cut the crap and actually didn't try to make music appealable to the masses, but make something unique.

Even this late in their career I think they can achieve this. I sometimes see Muse as a version of Radiohead that sold out. They have the talent, they just have to make their music more personal, if that makes any sense.
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From Vatsal 11/14/2018 10:20
I wish Muse would take longer to fully flesh out their ideas and sounds instead of releasing albums which sound underwhelming and unfinished like this one (or Drones).

To be honest, Algorithm has a nice sound, and for a minute i thought this album might actually be better than the singles let off. But then the rest of the album was pretty much what I (and probably everyone) was expecting.
The whole modern electronic space operatic sound actually sounds like an interesting idea, and Muse could actually pull it off. If they would just wait longer to let the sounds and ideas simmer and develop into something more than just catchy singles.

But after 2 decades, i guess its unreasonable for me to expect them to be at their creative highs. So it is what it is.. I hope some people love it cuz I love muse. I will always love Muse.
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From LedZep 11/13/2018 19:07
It's like they still have the general idea what they want to do, where they want to go with their sound and how they want to experiment, but they aren't focused enough to actually make good music while experimenting. Drones sounded very uninspired but still listenable and it even had 2 great songs (Reapers and Globalist). This one just isn't good enough songwriting wise. Sadly they've lost the spark, and except several interesting ideas and ok executions (like Algorithm, Dark Side, Break It To Me), this is mostly a throwaway. And this is coming from a guy who liked 2nd Law and Resistance, even Drones to a degree.
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From Copeland 11/13/2018 16:41
Not a patch on their earlier work, but still above average. Worth hearing for Algorithm, The Dark Side, Pressure,and Break It To Me.
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From Nykeaula 11/13/2018 13:37
Several things to say about this album. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised to hear Algorithm, The Dark Side or Blockades, which combines their new synthetic sound with the melodic style of their first albums. I'm also okay if they chose to play about experimenting on tracks like Propaganda or Break it to Me (Prince verses with arabic-like melodies ending on a Tom Morello guitar solo, quite interesting), this duet is the part that caught most of my attention.
The problem of Simulation Theory is not the 80s sound Muse is trying to adopt (every band does that nowadays anyway). Its problem is the pathetic weakness of the songs that are supposed to be the most iconic, stadium anthems such as pressure, Thought Contagion (an Imagine Dragons tune) or Get Up and Fight (omg... I naively hoped this would never happen). Sad to see how they decided to lower the quality of their writing as their popularity grows
In the end it's pretty hard to understand what they tried to do with this album. Assuming this was intentional from them, which you can't be sure of anymore. Still you can enjoy this album. Depends on how much you expect.
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From luigybetis 11/10/2018 18:47
This comment is beneath your viewing threshold.
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From antaiospiano 11/10/2018 14:24
Actually sounds awkward at some moments. Overall, it sounds like they’re ripping off their own sound. But what pisses me off most is how the cover made me expect a departure from Drones. I hoped they would start making less safe music and just be more shameless, and just make a fun album not giving a fuck what people think. But noooo, the same generic rock sound but now with uninspired synth arpeggios in the background.
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From LebowskiRams 11/09/2018 21:39
Yeah, it has some weak spots, but it isn't that bad
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From luukvdschepop 11/09/2018 15:13
The ideas and melodies aren't bad in particular, but the choices made within the songs seem as if matt bellamy wanted to create a caricature of muse. The artwork really reflects the nonsense of this album
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From elo269megv 11/09/2018 14:56
Based how I felt about their previous output, being disappointed by Drones and 2nd Law, and the single "Something Human", I wasn't expecting to like this album very much. I used to like their first four records quite a bit but now I only revisit occasionally. Based on the cover art I was expecting something "futuristic" in nature, which to me, spelled electronic/pop based music. And I think that is the case here. This is arguably Muse's poppiest album which is either a good or bad thing depending on your taste.

Overall, the music isn't bad and the album certainly isn't terrible. I've heard worse this year. I think what's most disappointing to me, and my taste, is that the songs could've translated very well on conventional drums, bass, and guitar with the electronic influences sprinkled in throughout. And there's glimpses of that here just not enough for my interest. I get not wanting to recreate the past but that is when bands like Muse start making songs like Propaganda.
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