Top 100 Greatest Music Albums by C_Krug2009 (2020)

Clear, concise, and vibey.

I have heard all the classics and BEA friendly albums to death but I just am not interested in rock music anymore. What you see are the remainders that stood the test of time. I am more interested in vibes now and honestly, rap music has more atmospheric vibes than rock music. There is bad rap and good rap just like good rock and bad rock, you gotta find it. But yes, I am a hiphophead)))

And for you haters on hip hop, you hate the lyrics? Sgt Pepper talks about the same stuff rap does. John Lennon talks about beating his girlfriend and his LSD use and he's loved. Think with an open mind but I do think rap would be better if it had more poetic and conscious lyrics.

I like the vibes in music and I am choosing which vibes I like in this chart. No one can say what your favorite album is, it's your opinion. I know what makes "good music". Maturity, lyricism, etc. I am not ranking "the best albums" are. This is based on vibes, so rate the vibes and "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" ;)

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The vibe of electronica [First added to this chart: 06/05/2017]
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Top 100 Greatest Music Albums composition

Decade Albums %

1930s 0 0%
1940s 0 0%
1950s 0 0%
1960s 4 4%
1970s 1 1%
1980s 1 1%
1990s 20 20%
2000s 20 20%
2010s 54 54%
Artist Albums %

Mac Miller 5 5%
Wiz Khalifa 3 3%
Kendrick Lamar 3 3%
Beach House 3 3%
Eminem 2 2%
A$AP Rocky 2 2%
Joey Bada$$ 2 2%
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Country Albums %

United States 69 69%
United Kingdom 19 19%
Canada 4 4%
Russia 2 2%
Sweden 2 2%
Norway 1 1%
Australia 1 1%
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Top 100 Greatest Music Albums chart changes

Biggest climbers
climbers Up 24 from 29th to 5th
by Björk
climbers Up 3 from 30th to 27th
Summer Knights
by Joey Bada$$
climbers Up 2 from 40th to 38th
These Things Happen
by G-Eazy
Biggest fallers
fallers Down 24 from 15th to 39th
by Massive Attack
fallers Down 23 from 17th to 40th
The Dark Side Of The Moon
by Pink Floyd
fallers Down 15 from 13th to 28th
Sounds Of The Satellites
by Laika
New entries
newentries Kid A
by Radiohead

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Top 100 Greatest Music Albums ratings

Average Rating: 
85/100 (from 76 votes)
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3 days ago Rhyner  Ratings distributionRatings distribution 80499/100
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3 days ago NSPE  Ratings distributionRatings distribution 30877/100
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3 days ago Chris15789  Ratings distributionRatings distribution 977/100
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3 days ago FelipeBoorkes  Ratings distributionRatings distribution 2191/100
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01/03/2020 08:49 ExTeaSea  Ratings distributionRatings distribution 17088/100

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From FelipeBoorkes 3 days ago
I also started listening to hip-hop not so long ago. I did like some songs but wasn't into full albums. Then I heard To Pimp a Butterfly, what a fantastic trip. I'll check some of your recommendations. Nice chart!

My thing is to make more people discover Latin American music. So here are some vibes you may like (everything is on Spotify):

- The first time I actually loved the hip-hop flow was with Calle 13's album Residente o Visitante.
- In 2018, I discovered the person responsible for creating the Rock en Español vibe an impressive musician by the name of Luis Alberto Spinetta, the album to be amazed by is called Artaud by Pescado Rabioso (Rabid Fish), his second band.
- And, from Mexico, you may start with Caifanes, I think you may like El Silencio.

Everything there is splattered with the folk sounds of the Continent.

Let me know what you think about it.
Helpful?  (Log in to vote) | 0 votes (0 helpful | 0 unhelpful)
From antaiospiano 3 days ago
I guess your chart changed, 'cause that is plenty of hip hop right here.
Helpful?  (Log in to vote) | 0 votes (0 helpful | 0 unhelpful)
From ExTeaSea 01/03/2020 08:51
Really cool list. Appreciate Laika being on here and Goldfrapp "Felt Mountain" on your top ten, nice!
Helpful?  (Log in to vote) | 0 votes (0 helpful | 0 unhelpful)
From Lukeanaderdude 05/10/2019 01:00
hey @VitorHugoP using autistic as an insult makes you look like an immature teenager much more than liking rap music would.

That being said, great chart! I agree that hip hop, mainly modern hip hop, has some of the best vibes in music.
Helpful?  (Log in to vote) | +3 votes (3 helpful | 0 unhelpful)
From ForegroundNoise 05/09/2019 08:25
Okay so I'm confused ...

You say that "I have heard all the classics and BEA friendly albums to death but I just am not interested in rock music anymore" but Revolver, The Doors, Sgt. Pepper, Pet Sounds and Nevermind are all included?? DSotM, In Rainbows and Black Holes ... all crack your top 30?? So .. BEA friendly albums do interest you?

Honestly, I wish there was more stuff in line with your top picks (which are unique and dope btw) nothing wrong with being a hip hop head + your 'vibes' notes are a really great addition, just found your chart's bio a bit confusing with all those BEA-friendly rock albums there.

Keep it up man!
Helpful?  (Log in to vote) | 0 votes (0 helpful | 0 unhelpful)
From JulianR 11/27/2018 04:33
"The vibe of indie electronica"

boi, thats not a vibe, thats a genre! Nonetheless, good chart
Helpful?  (Log in to vote) | 0 votes (0 helpful | 0 unhelpful)
From Lowkey 06/01/2018 17:37
Sick chart, reminds me of what my chart sort of looked like in 2016, I'd chill with you in person.

I like the whole focus on atmosphere, that's sort of what got me into hip-hop in 2012 or so (the whole budding cloud rap movement and the like)

I don't party any more but I respect the lifestyle

Check out Anti's chart, I think you'd appreciate it.

and props on Lana, she's amazing

I'll drop some recs:

Triad God's NXB
Palmistry's Pagan
Helpful?  (Log in to vote) | +1 votes (1 helpful | 0 unhelpful)
From antaiospiano 03/30/2018 23:32
Good picks, expected more hiphop from your intro, but still nice.
Helpful?  (Log in to vote) | 0 votes (0 helpful | 0 unhelpful)
From jwammo12 03/29/2018 02:11
I like the self-expression, a touch narrow, though. Strong in genres and decades I probably underweight, so I will re-visit when exploring the 90's forward.
Helpful?  (Log in to vote) | 0 votes (0 helpful | 0 unhelpful)
From LedZep 04/19/2017 12:09
Don't like some choices, but SOAD, Operation Doomsday, Lullabies to Paralyze... It's nice. Try the album Brave New World, it's metal which you don't like that much, but it's fantastic
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Best Artists of the 2010s
1. Kendrick Lamar
2. Kanye West
3. Arcade Fire
4. Tame Impala
5. Beach House
6. Frank Ocean
7. Sufjan Stevens
8. Radiohead
9. The National
10. Vampire Weekend
11. Death Grips
12. Bon Iver
13. The War On Drugs
14. Car Seat Headrest
15. David Bowie
16. Arctic Monkeys
17. The Black Keys
18. Mark Kozelek
19. Fleet Foxes
20. Swans
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