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Heartbreaker (album) by Ryan Adams

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Heartbreaker by Ryan Adams (2000)
Overall rank: 604th   Overall chart historyOverall chart history
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78/100 (from 338 votes)
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Accolades: Award Top 20 albums of 2000 (14th)
Award Top albums of the 2000s (111th)
Award Top 1,000 albums of all time (604th)

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Ryan Adams bestography

Heartbreaker is ranked as the best album by Ryan Adams.

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Heartbreaker ratings

Average Rating: 
78/100 (from 338 votes)
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Heartbreaker comments

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From Bydand
Wow, So that's why it is on a good few the top 50 album lists for the yr.2000.
Great voice, good acoustic guitar and orchestrial backing, with very good sound production by Ethan Johns, thanks.
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A great solo debut album from Ryan Adams after 2 albums with Whiskeytown. Heartbreaker is looser and more intimate than those with Whiskeytown, an overall feel of sadness prevails but not in a depressing way Gillian Welch Dave Rawlings are present on most tracks & Emmylou Harris adds backing vocals on Oh My Sweet Carolina .
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Really, really good.
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I would love to say this is one of my favorite albums ever, because a lot of it is. Problem is there are a few songs that dont live up to the greatness of the rest. Dont get me wrong, there are no bad songs on here, but none of the last 5 do a lot for me. That being said, I cant begin to explain how much I love the rest. Adams is hitting an emotional nerve on this album that is 100% authtentic and unfabricated. This might be his only completely honest work in his entire discography. I love Adams, but the man is surrounded by pretension. This album is an exception. These songs are stripped down and minimalistic, leaving pure emotion. Adams's Magnum Opus for sure.

Best tracks: Amy, Oh Sweet Carolina, Call Me on Your Way Back Home, Come Pick Me Up
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From Brad1770
So beautiful so sad . I found this album a little less ‘ Alt Country ish ‘ and a touch more accessible compared to most of RA’s other work & there for enjoyed listening to this entire album. If you don’t want to work through the entire album make sure you check out the track “ OH MY SWEET CAROLINA” . It’s great!!!! And easily the best thing here
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From HoldenM
One things that happens with many artists for me is that I have to listen to a lot of artists before I'm ready for a certain sound--the most significant being Modest Mouse. I wasn't ready for Ryan Adams for a long time. But finally, after his last two releases, I've come around to one of the most prolific songwriters of the last twenty-five years.

Heartbreaker is a beautiful record with a sense of presence. It's why we start with a conversation about "Suedehead" that lets us know we're in a studio. It's a sense of closeness that instantly gives a layer of humanity to Adams and his band. It's something that contextualizes and deepens the emotional intensity of these songs. Some songwriters have an intelligence and understanding of the world that gives them something interesting or new to say. Adams doesn't really have that. Instead, Adams has an honesty and understanding of his feelings that borders on courageous at times. He doubles down on sincerity, so even if these ideas are broad, they feel real and timeless.

Heartbreaker is one gripping track after another, each brimming with authenticity, each filled with some sort of life. Most artists have something to say about heartbreak. Almost none compare to Adams, who makes a breakup as compelling and involving as can be.
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This first solo effort is Ryan Adams at his most raw and vulnerable, a relatively stripped down affair compared to Gold and his later albums recorded with the Cardinals. It's also one of his most obviously country-influenced records, the next logical step following his time with Whiskeytown. Heartbreaker is the right title for this album, as it's such an apt description of "Oh My Sweet Carolina," a beautiful song about leaving and loss, backed brilliantly by the prolific Emmylou Harris, who seemed to hang around recording studios around this time and offer her services to anyone and everyone who asked. Very wisely, Ryan Adams asked.
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One of the first great albums of the millennium. Full of stunning songs, Ryan Adams gives us a record that has shades of Dylan's, blood on the tracks, and Springsteen's, tunnel of love, in dealing with love, heartache, loneliness, bitterness, and regret. The album starts of deceptively with an argument about a Morrissey album, and then roars into the frantic, to be young. My winding wheel, is where the record really starts to show it's true colours, and some excellent tracks follow. Amy, oh,my sweet Carolina(featuring Emmylou Harris), the Fleetwood Mac sounding, bartering lines, and the vitriolic, come pick me up. It's an excellent album, and in truth Adams has never come any where near it since.
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From Mercury
As the title suggests, this record is a heartbreaker. The songwriting is sharp and vivid and impressive and the vocals nicely convey the songs. The musicianship is very solid southern Americana, country and blues.

The whole atmosphere of this album after the initial quasi-anthemic blast of the opener is emotionally stirring. Throughout the record it feels like Adams is grappling with questions, trying to find some rhyme and reason for love and living. The lyrics are as honest as anything. They don't back away from the sadness and heartbreak and ruggedness of life.

This is minor key tour de force. If you are in the mood for a great modern singer-songwriter album, you can't go wrong here.

"Yeah and the sun it tries to warn me.
'Boy those wings are made of wax.'
While the things I do to kill me,
They just tell me to relax"
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A breathtakingly heart-wrenching album, which starts off on the lighter side of heartbreak with the upbeat downer "to be young (is to be sad)". This is an "alt-country" album of unrequited love and love lost. It's both full in the firm grip of love and being choked by it. The highlights of love's anguish come on "oh my sweet carolina", "come pick me up" and . On "oh my sweet carolina", with backing vocals from emmylou harris, ryan is a lost stray in the big city without his love singing "I was trying to find me something / But I wasn't sure just what / Man I ended up with pockets full of dust ". In "come pick me up", ryan is love sick and love vexed, unfurling his venom in the chorus: "Come pick me up / Take me out / F*ck me up / Steal my records / Screw all my friends / They're all full of shit / With a smile on your face / And then do it again / I wish you would ". Or on "don't ask for the water", where a woman caused him to "hate this old place / And what it represents / And I hate who I was / And who I ended up since / But if you learned how to swim in case you'd drowned / Don't ask her for the water / Cause she'll swallow you down ". "shakedown on 9th street" is like a well-placed joke in the dearth of a heart-wrenching drama, a welcome respite about a dust-up over a woman. But that and "to be young (to be sad)" are really the only foot-stompers. This offering is truly for the heartbroken and the weight will fill you up the most when you're feeling your worst. heartbreaker's less about the words to describe love's impact than the feeling, like the quiet-yet-heavy piano in closer "sweet lil gal (23rd/1st)" as he sings a sentiment at the heart of the album -- "when you're lonely, she makes you feel nice".
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