Top 100 Greatest Music Albums by rnanderson8 (2019)

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List of albums I consider to be the greatest. This should exemplify my music taste and hopefully anyone reading this finds something new to listen to. Constantly updating and adding new albums. You'll find a mix of indie, hip-hop/rap, post-rock, emo, shoegaze, and what you'd hopefully consider classics. Completely and utterly subjective. Enjoy!

Songs w/ (*) are considered some of my greatest tracks of all time.

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Radiohead's seventh album is a masterpiece. It's their most beautiful and most raw work to date and every song is perfect both on its own and in the entire scope of the album. Songs like "Bodysnatchers" and "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" with their addictive hooks will have you dancing while those like "Nude" and "Videotape" will have you crying into your pillow. Impeccable flow, songwriting, lyricism, guitar work, etc. Will likely be the greatest album for the rest of my life. 100

Best Track(s): Bodysnatchers, Nude, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi*, All I Need, Reckoner, Jigsaw Falling Into Place*, Videotape

Worst Track: House of Cards

Best Moment: The greatest bridge and breakdown of any song ever; The last two minutes of Bodysnatchers(First added to this chart: 05/25/2019)
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Pink Floyd's best album for me is no doubt Dark Side. The intro "Speak To Me" pulls you in with its pulse and different sound effects of what's to come, and by the time the Synth and Clare Torry's voice crescendo into "Breathe", you've been transported. The album is a spectacular work about time, death, insanity, and everything in between. Great flow, transitions, lyricism, and the song writing and spotlight is very excellently balanced here between Gilmour and Waters, as it should be. 100

Best Track(s): Breathe, Time*, Great Gig In the Sky, Us and Them

Worst Track: On The Run

Best Moment: Speak To Me into Breathe(First added to this chart: 05/25/2019)
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The greatest heartbreak/break up album ever. This album really hits hard in a lot of ways. The lyrics are incredibly desolate and make the listener feel so so lonesome. Kinsella's guitar work and the math-rock influence are what really make the album catchy and listenable even when you don't need the break up vibe. Extremely soothing and emotional. 100

Best Track(s): Never Meant, But The Regrets Are Killing Me, I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional*, Stay Home

Worst Track: You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon

Best Moment: 2:30 of I'll See You, always gets me(First added to this chart: 05/25/2019)
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Rank in 1999:
Rank in 1990s:
Overall Rank:
Average Rating:
One of the most overlooked albums in terms of its songwriting and consistency, if there's one album on this list everyone should give a listen its this one. Never has an album become better and more addictive with every listen. Starting with two straight minutes of feedback, it may be reasonable to question whether it's worth waiting it out (it really really is). 100

Best Track(s): We Invent You, Look A Ghost, December*, Terminus*, Off This Century, One Lick Less, Scarlette, October All Over, Radio Gra, Below The Salt* (Thats 10/14).

Worst Track: Summer Freeze

Best Moment: 4:30 into Below the Salt, or the outro to Terminus(First added to this chart: 05/25/2019)
Year of Release:
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Overall Rank:
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A masterful work about dwelling in death, youth, and love. All ten tracks demonstrate just how talented singers/songwriters Win Butler and Regine Chassagne really are. This record really rocks, and might make you shed a few tears. 100

Best Track(s): Tunnels*, Une Anne Sans Lumiere, Power Out, Crown Of Love, Wake Up

Worst Track: In The Backseat (still a great closer!)

Best Moment: Last minute of Une Ane Sans Lumiere(First added to this chart: 05/25/2019)
Year of Release:
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Rank in 2004:
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Overall Rank:
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The best Math-rock/Post-rock/Post-hardcore record ever made. Britt Walford's drumming digs deep, McMahan's weeps and dialogue will make your skin crawl, Pajo and Buckler's guitar work is tight and pulsing but only when it needs to be. 100

Best Track(s): Breadcrumb Trail, Nosferatu Man, Washer*, Good Morning, Captain

Worst Track: For Dinner...

Best Moment: "My head is empty, my toes are warm, I am safe from harm", and everything after...(First added to this chart: 05/25/2019)
Year of Release:
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Rank in 1991:
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Overall Rank:
Average Rating:
Nothing can really be said about how important this album is or whether the 0110 double album is confirmed, but objectively and subjectively, its perfect. 100

Best Track(s): Airbag, Paranoid Android, Exit Music, Let Down*, No Surprises, Lucky

Worst Track: Electioneering ( It's NOT Fitter Happier)

Best Moment: End of Exit Music, or the bridge in Let Down.(First added to this chart: 05/25/2019)
Year of Release:
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Overall Rank:
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Contrary to many GY!BE fans, I believe the band really hit the nail on the head with their first record. There's a lot of emotion in the ethereal samples, effects, and dialogue the band uses on this record, the builds are incredible and the experience from front to back is like none other. Obviously the CD version is the superior cut from these sessions, but the hooked groove and the infinite loop at the end of the record is ever so haunting. 100

Best Track(s): Dead Flag Blues (Intro), The Cowboy, Dead Flag Blues (Outro), The Sad Mafioso, Divorce & Fever, Dead Metheny*, String Loop Manufactured During Downpour

Worst Track: Slow Moving Trains

Best Moment: 8:20-12:10 of East Hastings, greatest build in rock music(First added to this chart: 05/25/2019)
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Overall Rank:
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Groovy and touching sampling, an album like no other. 95

Best Track(s): Since I Left You*, Radio, Two Heart in 3/4 Time, A Different Feeling, Electricity*, Frontier Psychiatrist

Worst Track: Pablo's Cruise

Best Moment: Either of the grooves in Electricity or Radio(First added to this chart: 05/31/2019)
Year of Release:
Appears in:
Rank Score:
Rank in 2000:
Rank in 2000s:
Overall Rank:
Average Rating:
With every listen of this record I can feel every instrument being played cutting into me and digging deep. Everything about this album is great. The Post-Hardcore sound fusing with a lot of hooks in these crazy time signatures just makes it all the more interesting and all the better to thrash to. Plus the theme regarding countries that colonized small and helpless countries and all the guilt they should feel. There is not an album like this. This SLAPS. 100

Best Track(s): Here Come the Rome Plows, Golden Brown*, Luau*, Super Unison, New Math, Sinews

Worst Track: New Intro

Best Moment: Breakdown in the middle of Golden Brown, or chorus of Luau(First added to this chart: 05/25/2019)
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Overall Rank:
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Total albums: 100. Page 1 of 10

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Top 100 Greatest Music Albums composition

Decade Albums %

1930s 0 0%
1940s 0 0%
1950s 1 1%
1960s 8 8%
1970s 13 13%
1980s 7 7%
1990s 25 25%
2000s 26 26%
2010s 20 20%
Artist Albums %

Radiohead 4 4%
Pink Floyd 4 4%
Animal Collective 3 3%
David Bowie 3 3%
Fugazi 2 2%
Kendrick Lamar 2 2%
Talk Talk 2 2%
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Country Albums %

United States 54 54%
United Kingdom 33 33%
Canada 7 7%
Ireland 2 2%
Iceland 2 2%
Australia 1 1%
Mixed Nationality 1 1%

Top 100 Greatest Music Albums chart changes

Biggest climbers
climbers Up 24 from 42nd to 18th
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
by David Bowie
climbers Up 3 from 47th to 44th
The Money Store
by Death Grips
climbers Up 2 from 100th to 98th
Out Of The Blue
by Electric Light Orchestra
Biggest fallers
fallers Down 8 from 17th to 25th
by Frank Ocean
fallers Down 7 from 43rd to 50th
Just Married
by Glocca Morra
fallers Down 2 from 19th to 21st
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
by Coldplay

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